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Pollution & Climate Tech

Who we are

Led by entrepreneurs, seasoned angel investors, corporates, and VCs, GoMassive invest in sustainability startups solving pollution & climate change. The network brings access to capital, mentorship, and validation of ideas through its partnerships with research labs, tech academia, and policy think tanks. GoMassive has evaluated 350+ startups in the pollution space since 2019.

Joining GoMassive

Passionate about solving Pollution & Climate Change! Join GoMassive’s community of like-minded angel investors, policymakers, VCs, corporates, philanthropies, ESG & Social Impact funds. GoMassive members are committed to solving pollution & climate change by providing capital to next-generation startups. GoMassive members invest in sustainability startups.

GoMassive Events

GoMassive’s invite-only events allow our members to engage with a diverse group of people across the globe focusing on a single cause – solving pollution & climate change. At these events, GoMassive members can network with sustainability startups, policymakers, corporates, investors and academia to discuss challenges & opportunities related to our target sectors. 


GoMassive leads investments in breakthrough companies working in the area of Pollution & Climate Change. GoMassive’s focus sectors are Agriculture, Energy, Mobility (transportation), Waste, Water, and Sustainable Cities. 

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