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The MILES Challenge

Amplus Solar announced the much-awaited results of The MILES Challenge at EnergyScape – Annual Conclave on Energy by Mint. Virya Batteries, with their ultra-safe lithium-ion and sodium-ion cell technology; SmartHelio (LED Safari Innovation Pvt. Ltd.), with their edge-based IoT sensor and intelligent software for increasing the life of solar PV and batteries, and Vecmocon Technologies Pvt. Ltd. with their innovations around the core components of electric vehicles, were announced as the winners.

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Led by entrepreneurs, seasoned angel investors, corporates, and VCs, GoMassive invest in sustainability startups solving pollution & climate change. The network brings access to capital, mentorship, and validation of ideas through its partnerships with research labs, tech academia, and policy think tanks. GoMassive has evaluated 350+ startups in the pollution space since 2019.

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Passionate about solving Pollution & Climate Change! Join GoMassive’s community of like-minded angel investors, policymakers, VCs, corporates, philanthropies, ESG & Social Impact funds. GoMassive members are committed to solving pollution & climate change by providing capital to next-generation startups. GoMassive members invest in sustainability startups.

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GoMassive’s invite-only events allow our members to engage with a diverse group of people across the globe focusing on a single cause – solving pollution & climate change. At these events, GoMassive members can network with sustainability startups, policymakers, corporates, investors and academia to discuss challenges & opportunities related to our target sectors. 


GoMassive leads investments in breakthrough companies working in the area of Pollution & Climate Change. GoMassive’s focus sectors are Agriculture, Energy, Mobility (transportation), Waste, Water, and Sustainable Cities. 

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