GoMassive Coworking

An ecosystem of growth
for Climate Tech Startups

With GoMassive Co-Working, get access to a Climate ecosystem
of entrepreneurs, mentors, professionals, climate events, accelerators,
mentors and direct contact with VCs, Investors, and
leaders at the forefront of the Climate industry.

GoMassive Co-Working For
Climate Tech Startups

If you are a climate tech startup looking for coworking space,
get on with Gomasisve Coworking. Gomassive works with
leading coworking companies such as WeWork, Springhouse, 91
Springboard, etc, to provide you with your chosen partner and add
additional support of mentor, VC, and industry connect. It is a
coworking with benefits!!!

Become A Part Of The GoMassive Ecosystem

Fund Raising

Direct introductions to investors you wish to connect with for raising funds.

Mentor Connect

Guidance and support through 1:1 mentorship sessions while you build your business.

GoMassive Community

Become a part of the GoMassive community. Get invites to climate events and community programs.


Frequently Asked Questions

Go Massive has created an extensive climate tech ecosystem with startups, corporates, investors, and industry leaders all pooled into a singular network. You should choose your co-working space through GoMassive because Massive is also offering all its climate-based services, like funding, accelerators, investments, mentorship, etc., to your company. Basically, if you are a climate tech startup, then co-working with GoMassive will give you not just an office space but the complete package to scale and expand your business to a massive level.

No. Go Massive has simply partnered up with all Co-Working Space providers. It offers additional benefits like Funding, Investments, Mentorship, and Access to a Global Climate Ecosystem to all those who opt for their Co-Working through Go Massive.

If you are a climate tech startup looking for co-working space, just click the button and drop us a message. Based on your location, budget and preferred partner, we will get you a suitable coworking place. Think of us as your meta-search engine for coworking space. However, with us, the real fun starts after once you take the space, you get easy access to the whole Gomassive Climate Tech Ecosystem, which opens the door to the world of VC/Industry Connects, engagement in various programs, pitching to select funds and all the support required to scale your business to a massive level.

Yes, as long as you are rooted in the GoMassive Co-Working program, you can avail the benefits of the GoMassive Climate TechEcosystem.

No, GoMassive doesn’t charge a single extra penny for its services. Go Massive is dedicated to solving climate change by building an extensive Climate Tech Ecosystem that caters to modern climate-based problems by investing in startups and technologies that come up with cutting-edge solutions for all global challenges. Thus, GoMassive is open to all Climate Tech Startups who are working to solve climate problems and pledges to aid them accordingly.

GoMassive Earth Climate Accelerator

Global Accelerators launched specifically to innovate climate
technologies that transform the planet one sector at a time.