Our focus Sectors

Clean Food

Agriculture is a major contributor to global emissions. By 2050 there will 10 Billion of us, so the need for food is going to increase not decrease and the land available will continue to decrease. Thus, to solve the problem innovations are required in either making more efficient, less wasteful use of land or finding new forms of nutrition. The opportunity is to make farming less damaging to the environment, but also to find more efficient and productive ways to feed the planet’s growing global population, and also to get rid of harmful farming supplements. The investment opportunity in Agriculture is over $200 billion.

Opportunities we are excited about:

  • Efficient Agri-Supply Chain & Innovation in Food Wastage Mitigation
  • Sustainable Farming- Natural & Organic Farming
  • Reducing Greenhouse Emissions from Agriculture
  • Prevention of Agriculture-related deforestation
  • Innovations in Irrigation Techniques
  • Smart Farms & Farm Automation
  • Sustainable Inputs
  • Agriculture storage solutions
  • New-Generation Farming such as Aquaponic, Hydroponics etc.

Clean Energy

Energy is the biggest need of our generation, but it has its share in contributing to the climate change. The requirement will be growing as we progress, the challenge here is to deploy all the tools we have and in addition find innovative ways to deliver energy that has very minimal impact on the climate essentially it should be carbonless. Innovation is required in not only the generation side but also in transmitting, controlling and storing that energy. There will be a $ 404 Billion investment opportunity in renewables by 2030. Energy storage is expected to attract an investment of over $3 Billion in next few years, moreover energy storage capacity in developing nations is expected to increase from 2 GW to 80 GW.

Opportunities we are excited about:

  • Innovations in low-cost Energy Storage
  • Innovations in High-Efficiency Transmission
  • Next-Gen Fission & Fusion
  • Innovations in Geothermal, wind & tidal energy
  • Increase in Efficiency of Solar
  • New Generation Bio-Fuels

Clean Mobility

The need for transportation continues to grow rapidly, transportation sector is a major contributor to pollution and greenhouse emission and this industry needs to move fast. The opportunity here is to make vehicles powered by clean fuel and make them go farther. Also, a rapidly growing urban population, increasing motorization rate, critical levels of traffic congestion, growing traffic fatality rates and inadequate mobility monitoring – all of these are opportunities in smart mobility solutions. EV investment opportunity is expected to be $667 Billion alone.

Opportunities we are excited about:

  • Last mile Mobility Solution
  • Technology-enabled solutions for urban planning and cities decongestion
  • Innovative high efficiency-low emitting thermal engines
  • Low Emission Air transport
  • Innovation in Electric Vehicles
  • New modes of transportation
  • Vehicles running on fuel cell technology
  • Low Emitting Fuels
  • Pollution Capturing Devices

Clean Water

Demand for fresh water is rapidly increasing throughout the world. Climate change and depleting groundwater resources have also laid great stress on the accessibility of water resources. One of the driest country in the world Israel has more freshwater than it needs. So, the big opportunity can be tapped by innovative solutions. Water has is an investment opportunity of over $150 Billion.

Opportunities we are excited about:

  • Innovation in water purification technology
  • Reduction in water wastage by R.O units
  • Innovation in Industrial WWTP
  • Innovation in domestic water treatment.
  • Using Tech to Map, Manage & Monitor Water Infrastructure

Clean Cities

India alone generates 62 Million tonnes of waste annually with a rise of 8% per year. Whereas, plastics cause $13 Billion in financial damage to marine ecosystems every year. This sector is huge and has a room for lot of innovative technologies to solve this problem. Investment opportunity is close to $140 Billion.

Opportunities we are excited about:

  • Innovations in Waste to Energy
  • Innovations in Plastic to Fuel
  • Bio-degradable Materials
  • Smart Waste Collection & Segregation
  • Innovative recycling solutions
  • Nuclear Waste Treatment