Sustainable Fashion

Go Massive aims to transform the textile industry into a climate friendly green commerce that aligns with the global SDGs.

Sub Sectors

  • Recycled Textiles
  • Plant-Based Fibers
  • Eco-Friendly Dyeing and Finishing
  • Zero-Waste Manufacturing
  • Biodegradable Textiles
  • Sustainable Fashion Brands
  • Circular Fashion Systems


The textile industry, accounting for a substantial 10% of global water consumption, stands at a crossroads where responsible choices can mitigate its environmental impact. Excessive water usage not only depletes precious resources but also poses a threat to the environment. Compounded by the use of chemicals and dyes, textile production becomes a potential contributor to water and soil pollution.

GoMassive works with corporations & startups to develop a sustainable textile industry—an oasis of responsible practices that champions environmental protection and sustainability. Through streamlined production methods that curtail water and energy consumption, minimize waste, and reduce the use of harmful chemicals, sustainable textiles emerge as a beacon of conscious manufacturing.