Sustainable Buildings

Go Massive aims to support startups and corporations that are working towards decarbonizing the construction industry, increasing energy efficiency and building more sustainable homes through low carbon materials, eco-friendly home designs and energy saving solutions

Sub Sectors

  • Urban Tech Smart buildings
    • Data collection and management
    • Energy Saving solutions
      and Companies
    • Renewable Energy
    • Building retrofitting
    • Low Tech Innovation
  • Sustainable Materials
    • Circular Materials
    • Waste to building materials
    • Low Carbon Materials
    • Modular and Prefab materials
  • Building Design
    • Sustainable and Smart design
    • Circular design
    • Inclusive design
    • Nature based design


Construction and operations of buildings stand as significant culprits in climate change, responsible for almost 40% of global energy-related CO2 emissions. With the global building stock anticipated to double by 2060, driven by population growth and urbanization, there looms the potential for an exacerbation of global warming. Absent substantial enhancements in energy efficiency and the decarbonization of energy sources, the anticipated surge in energy demand from buildings threatens to usher in staggering and absolute rises in carbon emissions.