Plastics The Go Massive mission is to help
startups and corporates bring
emerging technologies to the
forefront to help end plastic waste
in the environment.

Sub Sectors

  • Sustainable design of plastics
  • Collecting, managing, and sorting plastic waste
  • Processing and recycling technologies
  • Creating value from post-recycled plastics


Plastic pervades our surroundings, valued for its strength, lightness, and affordability. Unfortunately, a significant portion, around 50%, is used just once and then discarded, constituting single-use plastic found in water bottles, packaging, and grocery bags. While many types of plastic are recyclable, the lack of municipal infrastructure hampers the energy-intensive recycling process, which demands substantial energy and water resources.

The environmental challenge extends beyond managing plastic waste; its production is a primary contributor to carbon emissions, exacerbating global warming. Creating plastic requires significant energy and resources, with over 90% derived from fossil fuels. Experts project that if current trends persist, plastic production could contribute to 20% of global oil consumption and 15% of carbon emissions in 30 years. Remarkably, producing bottled water consumes 2000 times more energy than producing tap water