Low Carbon Power

Go Massive works in The Low Carbon Power sector to support and nurture the startups & corporations that aim to radicalize power generation by using low carbon energy sources .

Sub Sectors

  • Electricity generation
  • Transmission & distribution
  • Electricity end-use


According to the 2022 report, 61% of the electricity came from high carbon sources like coal and gas among which coal provided for 36% of the global electricity. However, alternative energy sources like hydroelectric, nuclear, wind, solar, biofuels, and geothermal make up the rest of 39% of the energy mix.

By developing climate tech solutions and incorporating climate mitigation policies, we can increment the amount of low carbon electricity generation globally and reduce the impact of carbon based sources on a global level.

Go Massive supports climate tech startups and corporations to advance the transition from high carbon based energy sources to the alternate low carbon energy sources and bring about radical solutions for climate change.