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Massive Earth Foundation and The Incubation Network presents

Agra Innovation Lab

For Prevention of Plastic Leakage into the Environment

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Who we are

Massive Earth Foundation and GoMassive Incubators have setup the Agra Innovation Lab for Prevention of Plastic Leakage into the Environment (AIL-PrePLE) with support provided by The Incubation Network (TIN). AIL-PrePLE is a platform for entrepreneurs, academicians, technical researchers, and innovators across the globe to accelerate and pilot test solutions that prevent plastic leakage into the environment. We are focusing on solutions relevant to identifying waste, mechanized collection and transportation of waste, sorting of waste, and unique recycling processes. 

Focus Area

We are looking for the latest technologies in computer vision, AI and machine learning and taking advantage of their maturity, a system that has been developed to visually classify and separate different types of waste effectively, a task that would normally require human intervention.

We are looking for smart robotic equipment with advanced sensor technology sorting through waste in order to recover raw materials. The potential is huge – it is estimated that recoverable resources worth billions can be found by sorting through what we discard.

We are looking for effective transportation of waste thereby reducing the idle times of waste pickup trucks in addition to new technologies to collect kerbside waste, door-to-door waste and involvement of sensors in the vehicle fleet to optimize fuel efficiency and route planning.

Solutions to plastic recycling today require novel methods to recover adequate enough low-value and multi-layer plastic. The vast majority ends up in either landfills or incinerators. We are looking for innovative engineering and scientific solutions to recycle low-value plastic as well as multi-layer plastic.

Process and Timeline

Startups Selected for a Pilot in Agra


has developed one of the world’s most cutting edge AI for waste identification and classification.
Clearbot is a 0-emission robotic boat that uses artificial intelligence to clear trash, weeds out of different water bodies at scale.
Further, by combining this with their expertise in robotics they have built a complete solution that can cut the cost of marine services like cleanup by 2x, increase range by 5x and collect 4x more material per day!


provides planning, implementing and sustaining end to end solutions in Solid Waste Management and Circular Economy.
Recity plays the role of a catalyst to enable multiple stakeholders to achieve a circular economy in cities.
The key focus is to make Citizen and stakeholder participation integral to Urban development, and involve different experts in creating contextualised solutions at the city level.


is a recycling company that utilizes flexible plastic to produce high-quality products.
Lucro handles the entire waste value chain right from collection to recycling and the manufacturing of final recycled products.
Using their proprietary technology, Lucro converts the dirtiest plastic waste into recycled granules, which ultimately are remade into recycled products. Lucro is now one of the largest suppliers of recycled packaging.


manufactures India’s first & only complete contactless heavy garbage collection machine.
With Jatayu Super contactless garbage collection is possible right from the point of collection to the point of garbage transfer/dumping.
This cleantech startup is attempting to protect the health, safety, and dignity of the 1.5 million to 4 million waste pickers in the country through technology.

Our Jury

Sh. Nikhil T. Funde

Sh. Nikhil T. Funde

Municipal Commissioner, Agra Nagar Nigam

Ashok Menon

Ashok Menon

Global Technology Leader, SABIC

Karan Mangotra

Karan Mangotra

Program Officer, Marine Pollution Coordinator, UNEP

Nipun Sahni

Nipun Sahni

Partner, Apollo Global Management

Fredrick Royan

Fredrick Royan

Vice President: Sustainability and Circular Economy, Frost and Sullivan

Starlene Sharma

Starlene Sharma

Founder and Managing Partner, Green Artha

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