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Massive Earth Foundation and The Incubation Network presents

Agra Innovation Lab

For Prevention of Plastic Leakage into the Environment

Calling all startups and entrepreneurs across the globe working to prevent plastic leakage into the environment to pilot their solutions in Agra


Who we are

Massive Earth Foundation and GoMassive Incubators have setup the Agra Innovation Lab for Prevention of Plastic Leakage into the Environment (AIL-PrePLE) with support provided by The Incubation Network (TIN). AIL-PrePLE is a platform for entrepreneurs, academicians, technical researchers, and innovators across the globe to accelerate and pilot test solutions that prevent plastic leakage into the environment. We are focusing on solutions relevant to identifying waste, mechanized collection and transportation of waste, sorting of waste, and unique recycling processes. 

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Focus Area

We are looking for the latest technologies in computer vision, AI and machine learning and taking advantage of their maturity, a system that has been developed to visually classify and separate different types of waste effectively, a task that would normally require human intervention.

We are looking for smart robotic equipment with advanced sensor technology sorting through waste in order to recover raw materials. The potential is huge – it is estimated that recoverable resources worth billions can be found by sorting through what we discard.

We are looking for effective transportation of waste thereby reducing the idle times of waste pickup trucks in addition to new technologies to collect kerbside waste, door-to-door waste and involvement of sensors in the vehicle fleet to optimize fuel efficiency and route planning.

Solutions to plastic recycling today require novel methods to recover adequate enough low-value and multi-layer plastic. The vast majority ends up in either landfills or incinerators. We are looking for innovative engineering and scientific solutions to recycle low-value plastic as well as multi-layer plastic.

Process and Timeline

Register for AIL-PrePLE at Startup India Portal

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Agra Innovation Lab: PrePLE?

The Agra Innovation Lab for prevention of Plastic Leakage into the Environment is a platform to provide crowdsourced solutions that are addressing the various challenges in the plastic waste supply chain i.e., collection, sorting, transportation and recycling. The lab is a forum for innovative minds to come up with relevant disruptive solutions and also to give them an opportunity to pilot their solution in the city of Agra. Typically, new solutions without track record are difficult to get implemented at any municipality. This is a platform to prove effectiveness of such solutions at a large scale.

Who can apply for AIL-PrePLE?

Any startup across the globe working to deliver solutions towards any of the focus areas of the Lab can apply for the AIL-PrePLE. We will be investing in startups that can deploy solutions & scale independently as stand-alone entities. Startups with working prototypes and metrics will be preferred.

How to apply to AIL-PrePLE?

You can apply for AIL-PrePLE at StartUp India: link

There is no application fee for AIL-PrePLE. 

What is the selection criteria for AIL-PrePLE?
  1. An early-stage start-up located anywhere across the globe, operating in any of the four focus areas of AIL-PrePLE with a working prototype and strong early adoption
  2. Startups should be able to successfully demonstrate their solutions in Agra City irrespective of the city the startup is based in.  
  3. Startup shall possess a scalable idea 
  4. Startup with a great team known for execution excellence
Will my proposal be treated confidentially? What about patent rights, copyrights, and other similar rights?

Yes. All applications will be treated strictly confidential during the entire process. Ownership of patent rights, copyrights, and other similar rights (“Intellectual Property Rights”) to any discoveries, inventions, plans, estimates, content or works, etc. (“Content”) resulting from the implementation of the Activities under this Agreement shall vest in the Start-up.

Our Jury

Ashok Menon

Ashok Menon

Global Technology Leader, SABIC

Starlene Sharma

Starlene Sharma

Founder and Managing Partner, Green Artha

Nipun Sahni

Nipun Sahni

Partner, Apollo Global Management

Fredrick Royan

Fredrick Royan

Vice President: Sustainability and Circular Economy, Frost and Sullivan

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