New Energy Nexus

GoMassive Earth Network is a Strategic Partner to The New Energy Nexus.

New Energy Nexus is an international organization that supports clean energy entrepreneurs with funds, accelerators, and networks. It started in California and also operates programs in China, India, Southeast Asia, and East Africa.

The New Energy Nexus facilitates collaboration and innovation amongst the accelerator leaders around the world. Their goal is to support 100,000 startups to be successful by 2030.

New Energy Nexus partners with organizations to jointly develop and manage startup support programs, building on its extensive experience in California and its innovative programs around the world. It designs and runs hackathons, accelerator programs, seed funds, and demonstration and pilot programs. NEN also helps corporations to source a pipeline of innovative startups, foundations to grow companies in regions where there is a lack of energy access and governments to build thriving startup ecosystems.

For more details, visit New Energy Nexus website.