Network of Angel Investors in India for

Pollution and Climate Tech Investing

Why you should take GoMassive’s membership?

Angel Investors in India, family offices, venture capital firms, or corporate leaders, who are passionate about pollution reduction & climate change and, are interested in developments in this sector, should subscribe to our membership. GoMassive tracks Clean Mobility, Energy, Waste, Water, Sustainable Cities & Agriculture from an investment perspective.

GoMassive’s members enjoy the unparalleled opportunity to partner with leaders of Pollution & Climate Investing in creating sustainable businesses. For angel investors in India, there are several networking opportunities with corporate leaders & developmental organizations that are working towards ESG goals. Networking will be through a combination of online forums, exclusive cocktail meetings, or through exclusive access at large events that are hosted by our partner organizations.

Deal Sourcing

We have developed an online tech platform for listing startups. Investors interested in Pollution Investing are members of our platform. To source deals we have tie-ups with leading incubators & research organizations.

Deal Validation

We can leverage tie-ups with R&D Labs & Academia to validate deep tech startups. Our corporate members add value by doing checks for B2B validation. Startups can check the applicability of their B2B (SAAS) solutions in the fastest possible way.

Ecosystem for Growth

Our biggest value addition to a startup working in Pollution & Climate Tech is to drive their growth through our B2B network. Most importantly, we can help teams identify solutions that could generate immediate traction for the startups. Startups on our network also benefit from our access to infrastructure for cloud & payments support.

Unique Opportunity for Angel Investors in India

Angel investors in India can partner with other investors at the fore-front of Pollution & Climate Investing in India. GoMassive members can network with thought leaders & CXOs that are actively working towards the fulfillment of ESG targets.

GoMassive validates solutions through our network of academia, research labs, government & corporate bodies that are actively engaged in that helps in making investing decisions.