Miles Challenge

M+ Innovation lab for energy & sustainability

The MILES (M+ Innovation Lab for Energy and Sustainability) Challenge aims to identify & provide a platform to start-ups with ready to deploy solutions in the Clean Energy ecosystem in India. The MILES Challenge is more than just an accelerator program it also ran a parallel mentorship program for startups.   

The Miles Challenge was launched by Amplus, a member of the PETRONAS group, in association with GoMassive which aimed at providing mentorship to the start-ups and access to the network within the energy industry.  The initiative identified Novel and Untapped opportunities in the space of energy industry and provided equity investment to take it forward.     

Focus Area

Distributed Solar

IOT Applications In Energy

Battery Storage

Electric Mobility

The world is evolving quickly with digital innovations, technological advancements, breakthroughs in medical science, the Internet of things, smart mobility, etc, and community’s world-over are putting a huge focus on health and sustainability, even more so in this post pandemic era. Clean Energy is an integral part of a sustainable lifestyle and has even been acknowledged as one of United Nation’s 17 SGDs that aim at improving the quality of life of people. India’s energy story has also seen exponential growth over the last decade, with market development and technological advancements in renewable energy and electric mobility.   

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