Low Carbon Earth
Accelerator, 2023

The United Nation Environment Programme (UNEP) in partnership with Massive Earth Foundation (MEF) has launched Low Carbon Earth (LCE) 2023, a climate tech accelerator focused on startups solving for climate change and pollution. The accelerator is seeking passionate founders who are willing to solve the climate crisis and pollution reduction through their innovative ideas and solutions.  

Climate tech accelerator program offers access to resources which are not available to early-stage entrepreneurs, that includes internal expertise, strategic relationship, financial resources and mentorship. It provides the new startups with a provision to connect with previously existing firms who are working in climate change actions. Through this accelerator program climate tech startups can foster innovation and expansion of sustainable business model. 

The Low Carbon Earth program by the UNEP in association with MEF is focusing on creating an ecosystem for early-stage startups to understand the climate tech market and trends, with great investment and growth opportunities. The program aims to identify the needs and requirements of the businesses to create a strong hold in the market.

Low Carbon Earth accelerator is open to climate tech startups from Asia-Pacific region. The key focus of the accelerator is on startup working around Microplastic, Agriculture, Renewable Energy, Textile and cooling (cooling focused on cities and agriculture), however it will be accepting other climate tech startups as well which are focusing on decarbonizing our economy. The program is having special focus on startups which are founded by women, minorities and marginal communities. 

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