Agra Innovation Lab

July 2020


The Agra Innovation Lab, a platform for entrepreneurs, academicians, technical researchers, and incubators across the globe to accelerate and pilot test solutions to prevent plastic leakage in the environment.

Launched by GoMassive Earth Network (GEN), with the support of Incubation Network, this program focuses on early-stage solutions to eliminate plastic pollution.  

Focus Area

Identification of waste

Sorting of Waste

Transportation of Waste

Recycling of Waste

Plastic pollution is a global problem that is having a devastating impact on our environment. Plastic waste can be found in every corner of the world, from the deepest oceans to the highest mountains. It is estimated that there are now more than 8 billion tons of plastic waste in the world, and that number is only growing. 

Plastic Pollution & Air Pollution are ever so intertwined as the burning of waste is a huge contributor to air pollution in Indian cities.  

GEN jointly with its not-for-profit entity, the Massive Earth Foundation (MEF), worked on the project in Agra to improve plastic waste collection & prevent leakage of plastics into the river Yamuna. In this endeavour, we closely worked with the United Nations Environment Program’s (UNEP) Clean Air Project in Agra. 

GoMassive got catalytic support for the activities from the Incubation Network to improve waste management aimed at preventing the flow of plastic waste into the environment. GoMassive also got support by Startup India and Agnii in finding unique innovators and entrepreneurs who were solving the issues around plastic pollution.  

Words of the CEO

Ms Garima Mishra

“There is a leakage of low-value plastic in the drains & waterways in Agra. While the Municipality & Informal Segment can extract high-value plastics that include PET bottles; it is low-value plastics that comprise small sachets, pouches & shopping bags that are causing havoc in the environment. Our initiative in Agra will lead to the elimination of more than 90% of plastic leakage into the river Yamuna.”  

Our role

Massive Earth Foundation and GoMassive Incubators have setup the Agra Innovation Lab for Prevention of Plastic Leakage into the Environment (AIL-PrePLE) with support provided by The Incubation Network (TIN). AIL-PrePLE is a platform for entrepreneurs, academicians, technical researchers, and innovators across the globe to accelerate and pilot test solutions that prevent plastic leakage into the environment. We are focusing on solutions relevant to identifying waste, mechanized collection and transportation of waste, sorting of waste, and unique recycling processes.  

Our Partners