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Indian Waste v/s Global Waste

October 2020 | Waste

As per UNEP’s report, 72% of plastic litter on the Hathi Ghat in Agra is “low value plastic.” Unlike the rest of the world where high, medium & low value waste is collected and brought to one handling facility for sorting, in India high value waste is captured by the informal waste collection segment…

AQI Comparison COVID Lockdown

March 2020 | Air Pollution

The ongoing lockdown has created a unique opportunity to study various elements contributing to air pollution in a controlled environment. There is a considerable fall in AQI levels across the country. We compared AQI Levels in 8 cities…

What is Choking Indian Cities?

June 2019 | Air Pollution

An interesting session at Massive Earth Summit 2018, was when the hall discussed the root cause of choked Indian cities. The speakers were Helena Molin Valdes, Head of Climate and Clean Air Coalition, UNEP, Lesley Onyon, WHO Regional Head, Southeast Asia and Mr…

How can Capital and Deep-Science align to save the world? – Massive Earth Summit 2018

June 2018 | Industry

The Plenary Session of Massive Earth Summit opened with a big question. Can Capital and Deep-Science align to save the world? And to discuss a question of such high importance, the Summit had on stage India’s leading scientist, Professor K. VijayRaghvan, who is the…

Massive Earth Summit 2018 starts with Massive Fund launch

June 2018 | Industry

Massive Earth Summit 2018, opened with the who’s who of Indian policy, science and industry. But the high moment of the Summit was when Shailesh Vickram Singh and Vijay Shekhar Sharma announced the launch of a $150 Million fund to back startups solving large problems…

GoMassive India Angel Network excited to be an ecosystem partner for iPitch 2018 with Villgro

May 2018 | Partnership

iPitch is all about investment for impact! It is not a business plan competition, but a hunt to invest in India’s most unconventional enterprises that are solving pressing societal problems in a profitable and scalable manner. GoMassive brings ecosystem of India Angel Network and Angel Investors. Read More About it here.

GoMassive India Angel Network announces MoU with NRDC

March 2018 | Partnership

We are pleased to announce that GoMassive Incubator has signed an MoU with National Research Development Corporation (NRDC) to promote innovative technology startups in focus sectors of clean energy, clean air, clean water, clean food, plastic alternatives and. GoMassive brings ecosystem of India Angel Network and Angel Investors.

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