GoMassive Podcast Series with

Rob Kaplan of Circulate Capital- VC Firm Investing in Plastic Recycling Startups

Rob is the Founder and CEO of Circulate Capital, a $ 100 million Venture Capital Fund dedicated to incubating and financing companies that prevent the flow of ocean plastic waste to the oceans. Also, these companies advance the circular economy in and plastic recycling in South and Southeast Asia.

They are full value chain investors. Investing in companies working in collection sorting, processing, recycling, manufacturing, using recycled materials. Circulate Capital established the world’s first investment fund dedicated to preventing ocean plastic. Circulate Capital Ocean Fund (CCOF). CCOF is a new, blended financing mechanism, bringing together the public and private sectors to invest for maximum impact. Moreover, It was created in partnership with leading corporations, PepsiCo, the first investor, Coca-Cola, Danone, Dow, Procter & Gamble, Unilever, Chevron Phillips Chemical, and backed by USAID, organizations that have plastic recycling mandate.

Also, Rob has two decades of experience in corporate sustainability and impact investing with industry leaders ranging from Walmart to Closed Loop Partners.