Go Massive Earth Climate Accelerator

Calling all Indian startups working on


  • An Intensive 4 Week Virtual Program.
  • 3 day In-Person bootcamp at Bangalore with Industry Experts.
  • Mentoring on Product, Funding, Teambuilding.
  • Special Focus on Climate Tech.
  • Demo Day with top Indian investors

GoMassive Earth

The Accelerator program is offering all Indian Climate Tech Startups an opportunity to take their product to the next stage. The hybrid program commences with a three day in-person bootcamp in Bangalore followed by virtual sessions.

Go Massive Earth Climate Accelerator Program is calling out all the Startups who are working in sectors related to Climate Tech and the related sectors such as:


Digital Solutions for Sustainability

Startups with solutions related to Monitoring, Tracking, and Reporting of Climate related data

Sustainable Agriculture

Startups working on Farming, Land Use management, Marine Protection, and solving problems related to food sector

Low Carbon Transport

Startup working on Battery Storage, Alternate Fuels and eMobility segment

Sustainable Cities

Startups working to advance sustainable and efficient infrastructure

Industrial Decarbonization

Startups working in industries like Iron & Steel, Cement, Paper & Pulp, Aluminium, and others

Clean Energy

Startups who focus on enabling and improving access to Renewable Energy


  • AWS credits worth $25,000 and technical support
  • 3 Day in-person bootcamp to be held Bangalore, providing networking prospects
  • Demo Day with top Indian investors
  • World class Mentors
  • No equity required

Who should apply

  • Startups founded on / after Jan’18
  • Startups bootstrapped or upto $5Mn funded.
  • Startups should be incorporated with a live website
  • Startups building climate tech solutions in Low Carbon transport, Sustainable Agriculture, Digital Solutions for Sustainability, Sustainable cities, Industrial Decarbonization, Clean energy and similar space.


Tarana Lalwani

Co-founder InnoVen

Mr. Tejinderpal Miglani

Climate Tech Investor

Mr. Sumit Barat

Vice President - Business Development, GreenCell Mobility

Mr, Sarthak Ranka

Strategy Director, Ogilvy


You’ve got questions? We’ve got answers!
Here is a specially curated list of Frequently Asked Questions to make things easier.

GoMassive Earth is looking for startups operating in sectors related to Climate Tech, including but not limited to these areas – Agriculture, Sustainable Cities, Clean Energy, Industrial Decarbonization and Low Carbon Mobility. Applications are open for all startups across the entire Asia Pacific region. We strongly encourage applications from women, minorities, individuals with disabilities and other underrepresented groups. Keep in mind the start-up needs to be incorporated with a website.

The GoMassive Earth Accelerator program runs for 4 weeks and offers a range of digital workshops, valuable resources, and mentorship opportunities. Throughout the program, selected founders receive strategic mentorship by the United Nations professionals and Marquee investors, leadership coaching at every growth stage, and connections to experts in climate tech and sustainability across the Asia Pacific region.

We recommend applying for the Go Massive Earth Accelerator as soon as you have a founding team and an exciting idea that can tackle the climate urgency. Don’t worry about the stage you’re currently in, our program is designed to provide accelerated validation, allowing you to make significant progress in a shorter timeframe.


Yes. Each Go Massive Earth Accelerator cohort has many startups who have already raised funding.

We consider startups who are solving climate change – whether they are technology or product-based.

We are open to a wide range of solutions in the area of climate change and pollution reduction. Our areas of focus include, but is not limited to – agriculture, cooling, microplastics, renewable energy and textiles.

GoMassive Earth offers comprehensive 12-week support without having to dilute equity. We do not charge any fee to apply for the accelerator program either.

Yes. We regularly accept solo founders. However, we advise that one-person startups can be challenging, and having a co-founder increases your chances of success.

You can certainly apply when you are a full-time student or employee. However, we expect the founders to commit to working full-time on their company during the cohort and beyond.

Yes. We’ve had many companies join Go Massive Earth Accelerator after doing another accelerator. However, if you’ve done another accelerator already, we may expect you to have made significant progress

Yes, the company needs to be incorporated.

Do you give feedback on application results?

Once you submit your application, it enters our review process, so we don’t allow continuous editing

Upon submitting your application, we send a confirmation email with a copy of your application. If you cannot find the email, please check your spam folder. If it’s not there, ensure that you entered your email address correctly on the application. If you still can’t locate the confirmation email, it is likely that your application was not submitted.

As we continuously evaluate start-ups on a rolling basis, we recommend applying as soon as possible because that gives our team more time to spend on your application.

GoMassive Earth is a hybrid program where the accelerator program will be kicked off with and in-person bootcamp in Bangalore followed by a vitual program.

Applications close on 30th of September. You'll know the result within a couple of weeks However, the application portal will remain open beyond this date for high potential climate startups with slightly high evaluation parameter.

The Accelerator program is offering all Indian Climate Tech Startups an opportunity to take their product to the next stage. The hybrid program commences with a three day in-person bootcamp in Bangalore followed by virtual sessions.

We are inviting all Climate Tech startups that were founded on or after January 2018. This opportunity is open to both bootstrapped ventures and startups that have received funding up to $5Mn. To be eligible, the startup should be incorporated and have a live website. We are particularly interested in startups that are focused on developing technological solutions in the fields of Digital Solutions for Sustainability, Sustainable Agriculture, Low Carbon Transport, Sustainable Cities, Industrial Decarbonization and Clean Energy. If your startup fits these criteria, we encourage you to apply and seize this opportunity.

Startup founders who are curious, and actively involved in the climate tech, disrupting and innovating this space, who are energetic, focused and committed to building, growing and scaling their venture across key growth areas would make for the ideal candidate.

This is a part-time program, the founders will need to participate in mentor sessions throughout the program. These sessions require strong levels of commitment to avail maximum benefits from the program. In fact, attendance for sessions will be mandatory and absenteeism beyond a few sessions may lead to disqualification from the shortlisted cohort.

No. The program is in hybrid format, commencing with a three day in-person bootcamp in Bangalore, followed by 4 week virtual sessions. We would require the founders/co-founders to be wholly committed to attending the program throughout its course to attain the maximum benefit.

While we’d love to have your entire team participate, the program is designed for founders/co-founders, for exceptional scenarios CXOs are also allowed.

The program is in hybrid format, commencing with a three day in-person bootcamp in Bangalore, followed by 4 week virtual sessions.

Outside of the in-person 3 day in-person bootcamp, startups would need to dedicate up to 4 hours a week participating in accelerator activities, business and technical mentorship.

You are requested to share details about your founding team, startup idea, traction, and a pitch deck.

No. The GoMassive Earth Climate Accelerator 2023 is completely free and will not cost you any equity in your company.

The shortlisted startups will be granted AWS Activate Credits worth $25k, and mentorships sessions with Industry leader, CXOs, Founders and VCs who will teach you how to build a successful business. They will also have the chance to increase their visibility within the ecosystem and establish connections with VCs.

Got a question about the program? Email us on : gca2023@gomassive.org