Promoting Circular Thinking in Design of Built Environment: CapitaLand Sustainability X Challenge

Can redesigning the built environment be part of the solution to climate change?  Have an idea that could change the design of buildings?

Building 1 Billion new homes by 2025 at the cost of the environmental disruption can pose serious threats on climate impact. If our old ways continue in these unprecedented times, multiple forces may create complex social economic and environmental challenges. It is estimated that construction Industry alone accounts for 40% of global resource demands and 50% of global greenhouse carbon emissions. Time to rethink design to make buildings more climate-resilient and resource-efficient.

A global call to take collective Action, from real estate developers, enterprises, government, and startups to develop circular thinking in design of the built environment. GoMassive Earth Network is excited to be an official partner with Singapore based Eco-Business & CapitaLand Sustainability X Challenge, an endeavor to ensure we meet the goals of the Paris Agreement by keeping global temperature rise well below 2°C this century. The challenge will pave the way for sustainability in the built environment by developing ground-breaking solutions for waste reduction in construction, deployment of new building material, energy & water optimization at the same time ensuring safe housing, resilient infrastructure, and delightful buildings.

The challenge calls for innovative proposals from all over the world to make buildings more climate-resilient and resource-efficient, combatting climate change and ensuring the well-being of building occupants and users.

The challenge has four main themes, which are

1) Low carbon transition projects to achieve significant reduction in energy consumption and increase adoption of clean energy solutions.

 2) Water conservation & resilience projects to reduce potable water usage and find new ways to water management.

 3) Waste management & circular economy projects to better segregate waste and adopt circularity.

 4) Healthy & safe building projects to enhance capabilities to monitor, visualise and control indoor air quality.

Solutions under the low carbon transition theme of the Sustainability X Challenge should be efficient, measurable and commercially viable to result in an overall carbon footprint reduction. The innovations should be suitable for deployment within a limited space at CapitaLand’s existing properties. CapitaLand also seek innovations and technologies that can push the boundaries of energy efficiency in buildings without compromising on occupant experience.

For innovations particularly under the water conservation & resilience theme should either help to detect abnormal water usage and leakages in the building or harvest and/or recycle alternative sources of water to reduce potable water usage.

In waste management, Solutions should improve the efficacy of waste segregation or enhance circularity in CapitaLand’s properties by means of waste tracing and repurposing. Solutions should also help to positively influence behaviors.

Solutions under the theme of ‘Healthy and safe buildings’ should aim to enhance capabilities to monitor, visualize and control indoor air quality to improve occupant experience. These innovations should also have a low carbon footprint.

Registrations for the challenge have opened. Find out more here:

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