Asia Pacific Low Carbon Lifestyles Challenge: UNEP

“Lessons learned from the management of the Covid-19 crisis provide an opportunity to both revisit our relationship with nature and rebuild a more environmentally responsible economy,” said Dechen Tsering, UNEP’s Asia-Pacific regional director.

GoMassive Earth Network is committed to paving the way for a greener future by not allowing Covid Situation to become an excuse, rather, to translate it into economic and ecological opportunity. GoMassive is funding and mentoring 5 green solutions startup winners from the Asia-Pacific Low Carbon Lifestyles Challenge a platform that was launched by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), early this year to promote green business solutions. The UNEP Program primarily focused on Asian startups to promote a low carbon lifestyle. This challenge solicits submission in three categories, low-carbon fuel energy, plastic waste prevention, and low-carbon mobility. Out of more than 100 companies that entered the challenge this year, only 9 were selected as winners by UNEP, of which five startups are selected by GoMassive Earth Network, each receives funding of US$10,000 alongside business mentoring and training to scale-up their innovative solutions. The entrepreneurs selected will ensure the implementation of feasible & sustainable business solutions to help the Asia region recover from the pandemic in a more sensitized eco-friendly way.

The 5 selected started hails from China, India, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Overview of the Five Selected Startups by GoMassive

Low Carbon Mobility Solutions

  1. Thailand’s Pichayanun and her company CyFai have been tapping into two things Thailand has in abundance: sun and scooters, creating solar-powered scooters, e-bikes, and vehicle charging stations across the country.
  2. Ajay Singh’s Nimray Network is another renewable energy powered transportation solution that helps to bring electric mobility to India’s roads, reducing both carbon emissions and rampant roadside air pollution. Ajay is working to achieve up to 95 percent reduction in carbon emissions that occurs when the vehicles are charged by renewable energy.
  3. Earth Choohut from Thailand, has created electric bike company Etran, interestingly to note that the bikes are made from 40% bioplastics. Etran is also working to edge out the 18 million tons of carbon dioxide produced annually by electrifying Thailand’s 22 million motorcycles.

Low carbon Energy Solutions

  1. Vietnam’s Tuan Tran, Airiot, minimizes air conditioning use in the hospitality markets, in the process driving down associated carbon emissions.
  2. Wattime, a startup by Kaikai Yang in China, is a blockchain-powered platform that connects clean energy producers and consumers in the rural areas of China.


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