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GoMassive Incubator

Gomassive aims to be the world’s leading incubator with a vision to build innovative startups focused on solving Massive Problems of the Earth. We promote innovations in areas of Clean Energy and Energy Storage, Air, Water, and Land Pollution, Plastics Alternatives and Recycling, Green Cities, Built Environment, and Clean Food and Forests.

At GoMassive, we don’t just stop at funding startups, we help build companies. We understand that startups in these sectors, don’t just require funds but also an effective ecosystem comprising of access to world-class research labs and technology, linkages with large corporate houses and collaboration at the highest level of Governments & Policy. Towards this end, GoMassive has signed MoUs with premier technology & research institutes of India including Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow, National Research & Development Corporation (NRDC), Central Electronics Engineering Research Institute, Pilani, G.B. Pant University and others.

GoMassive Incubator

The Massive Fund

Massive is a stage agnostic, sector focussed, deep science fund targeting large problems being faced by humanity in the area of food (agriculture), pollution (water& air), energy (renewables/storage),  recyclables (e-waste, plastics), mobility, and sustainable environment. Massive Fund is investing in startups working in the Pollution Reduction Industry and also in investment opportunities that are aligned with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The fund’s focus is to deliver venture returns in this sector by focusing on deep science and global innovations. The Fund aims to bring scale & disruption of venture capital industry to core science/engineering fields.

Massive Fund is raising capital from Institutional and High net-worth investors who are aligned with Massive objectives in term of focus on UN SDG goals as well as solving the biggest problems of our time.

Massive Summit 2018

The Massive Earth Summit brings together thought leaders from diverse fields to share their views and insights on Pollution-as-Resource mindset. Pollution Reduction Industry, a $15 trillion opportunity, is constituted by companies that utilize Pollution to create and sell products and services, and in the process reduce it.

Massive Earth Summit is India’s first grand coalition in India where the private sector is joining forces with policymakers to fund solutions for climate change which has become an urgent crisis matter.

For more information, please visit us at Massive Summit 2018.


Experienced Venture Capitalist, Investors and Entrepreneurs.

Shailesh Vickram Singh

Animesh Srivastava

Joy Sharma

Sudhir Kamath

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