Entrepreneurs-in-Residence Program

Build the next Billion Dollar company with us


When is the Total greater than Sum of its parts? GoMassive Entrepreneurs-in-Residence program builds this magic!

At GoMassive EiR Program, we help entrepreneurs launch startups to solve the most critical challenges our world is facing today in Energy, Food, Mobility and Pollution. In most cases, we have identified and developed a deep understanding of a critical problem, and a view on how it can be solved. We sometimes also have a Minimal Viable Solution as well. We then start working with an EiR who joins us as Co-founder to take up the challenge, and build it into a full scale venture.

Benefits of EiR

EiR is meant for individuals who have the energy and intelligence of building a high-growth startup, and are open to working on a problem that is big but may have been identified by someone else. We work with you from the start to get the right strategy and execution plan in place. We help you with the right network and help get things off the ground quickly. Most importantly, we help you avoid critical mistakes which could potentially kill your startup.

In short, we increase your odds of success. And rather than starting from scratch, you get a team working with you from Day 1. And equity as well.

At EiR, we are looking at people who have a definite inclination towards getting their hands dirty, and getting things done. Our EiR program is a great way to learn and network with the best minds in the industry, while building something big. If you have the passion to solve some of the biggest problems facing the Earth today, and your mind craves for race against the best minds in the industry, we welcome you to be a part of our EiR team.

Some of the problems we are working on and have Open Opportunities.

Clean Food

What is clean food? When is organic not organic? Why even after centuries of progress, we are unable to provide a basic thing as clean food to 7 Billion people?
Our roads are jammed, our buses and metros are over-crowded. While big cars are carrying just one person, millions of people travel daily in unsafe, polluting vehicles.

Clean Rivers

The world’s most arable area is facing existential threats. The rivers that feed billions are dying or already dead. How will you solve it?

Zero Waste

India generates 62 Million tonnes of waste annually. This is polluting our landfills, and water sources irrevocably. How can you solve it?